I hold a Master degree in Cognitive Neurosciences with a final thesis within the field of Emotional Memory on “The Contribution of Two Pathways Converging into the Lateral Amygdala to the Pavlovian Threat Reaction”. My research project was carried out in Professor’s Joseph Ledoux Lab at the Center for Neural Science in New York University.

I joined Dr. Zugaro’s team in 2016 to complete a PhD project that bears on the role of oscillatory dynamics in shaping information flow between the hippocampus and the cortex.

While initial memory traces are formed during awake behavior, when the hippocampus oscillates at theta frequency (~8 Hz), consolidation appears to occur during quiet rest and sleep, when the hippocampus emits ripples (~200 Hz) and the cortex is in slow wave (1–4 Hz) state and emits sleep spindles (~15 Hz).

Our goal is to better understand what information is exchanged between these structures in the two states, and how different oscillatory modes shape this activity.